Project Director: Dr.G.Arivoli
Joint Director : Dr.V.Kumar
Following eight teams are formed and work allocations are also given to take up the task of implementing RMSA project successfully.
1. Planning and Pedagogy Team
1.Thiru. K. Muthuswamy (Consultant Administration)
2. Dr. V. Sekar (State Coordinator)
3. Thiru. V. Rajagopal (Coordinator)
4. Thiru.K.Vimalraj (Computer Programmer)
5. Tmt.D.Malarvizhi Juliet (Data entry operator)
Work Allocation:
 Planning for RMSA including Annual work plan – Need assessment, prepare a holistic plan including infrastructure, access, pedagogy, life skill, capacity building of teachers and head masters and other important areas then and there specified by MHRD .
  UDISE printing of forms, data collections, data entry, analysis of data .
2. Training Team.
1. Thiru. S. Jayachandran (Training Consultant)
2. Tmt. P. Thenmozhi (Coordinator)
3. Tmt. M. Bharathi (Coordinator)
Work Allocation:
  Inservice Training programmes to teachers – designing, preparation of circulars, KRP training, modules preparation,KRP/RP Training,printing of modules and distribution, issuing participation certificate, field level training to teachers.
  SMDC Training programmes – preparation of modules and design the training programme. Conducting KRP Training/Training in District Level for teachers.
  SLDP Training – planning and coordination with IRCTC and Tamil Nadu Tourism.
3. Model School and Girls Hostel
1. Mrs. M.Anbukkarasi(DEO)
2. Tmt. S. Kanchana (Coordinator)
3. Selvi. R. Jasmine Stella (Data Entry Operator)
Work Allocation:
 Model schools – building constructions, appointment of teachers and consultants, procurement of material and stationeries – pedagogy issues in Model Schools, conduction of Health Camp including Dental Camp.
 Girls Hostels – construction of buildings, appointment of staffs,conducting of Health Camp,Group Medical Insurance for students,Training for cooks.
4. School Activities Team
1. Thiru .R. Jayaprakash (Coordinator)
Work Allocation:
  Remedial classes -issuing circulars ,preparing modules, appointing Education Volunteers, monitoring the program
 New Schools- Up gradation of new schools, appointment of teachers, remittance teachers’ salaries.
5. Accounts Team
2.Thiru.S.Ashwin(Tally Manager)
Work Allocation:
 Budget and Plan Preparation
 Monitoring fund flow from GOI and GOTN and Monitoring Fund flow to Districts and Schools
 Monitoring expenditure and achieving the financial targets
  Audits-internal audit as well as AG audit
 Quarterly Monitoring Report to Government of India , in coordination with planning and Civil teams
 Travelling Allowance & Daily Allowance Bills
6.Civil works Team
1.Thiru.M.Shanmugam(Civil consultant)
2.Thiru.M.Karthik (Technical assistant)
3.Selvi.R.Devika(Data Entry Operator)
Work Allocation:
 Contribution in preparing annual work plan with regards to Civil works
 Designing and drawing sketch for classrooms , laboratories, computer rooms , toilets, art rooms, library rooms
 Arranging training programmes to district civil consultants
 Monitoring the progress of civil works in districts-and submitting reports periodically Director
 School Grand, minor Repair grant – distribution to schools and monitoring.
7. Office Administrative Team
5.Tmt.M.Malathi (Data Entry Operator)
Work Allocation:
 Office Administration
 Records and File maintenance
 Cash book
 CM cell petitions
 RTI petitions
 Reconciliation with AG and PAO
 TA bills to training participants and others
 Procurement files
 Communicated for necessary action.
1.Vaccant(Deputy Director)
2.Tmt.K.Anusha Mary(Junior assistant)
3.S.Sudhakar(Data Entry Operator)
Work Allocation:
  Medical camp and assessment for IEDSS students
  Special Teachers salary
  Oriental and Environmental programs
  Oriental and Environmental programs
 Aids and appliances